More Preparation for Surgery

During my last nutrition appointment, my nutritionist gave me two new eating exercises to practice.  All of these new ways of eating will be very important after the surgery.  Right now, it is just practice.  After the surgery, it will be the norm.

Exercise #1

I have to take a tablespoon of food and use a smaller spoon to eat it.  I have to take 5 minutes or more to eat this food.

I have only tried this one time so far.  I was pretty successful.  Granted, I was working and kind of distracted, but it was pretty easy.  I have to try to do this when I have nothing to do but pay attention to what I am eating.

Exercise #2

I have to pay attention to my hunger level and fullness before and after all meals and snacks.  I have to eat more slowly and concentrate on the physical feeling of eating just enough to take away hunger, not necessarily cleaning my plate or eating more because it tastes good, or even just continuing to eat out of habit.  But really pay attention to the feelings of hunger and fullness.

I have not really focused on this yet.  I am going to start doing this tomorrow.  Not tomorrow as in some time down the road.  I mean tomorrow morning, June 13, 2012 starting with breakfast, then lunch, then dinner.  Even my snacks.

A Quick Update

Just a quick update on a few other things I have been working on.

I have been sleeping with a c-pap machine after finding out I have sleep apnea.  I’ve been doing pretty good with it.  I sleep with it every night.  I have had some funny experiences with it.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to find I have removed the mask in my sleep.  I do not know why I do this.  I do not remember removing it.  One time, I even pulled the hose out of the mask.  It is uncomfortable, so I guess I wake up just enough to be irritated by the mask and remove it.  When I wake up more fully, I do take the time to put it back on before going back to sleep.

I have also been waking up completely under the covers.  Again, this is a complete mystery to me.  I’ll still have the c-pap mask on, but I wake up and find that I have the sheet or blanket pulled over my head.  I never did this before.  I spent the night at my sister’s house this weekend.  She uses one of the spare bedrooms as a clothes closet.  They also keep a guest bed in there.  It’s not so bad, really.  I’d rather have the guest bed in her closet as opposed to the ominous room.  She tiptoed into the room to get some clothes only to find me totally wrapped up in sheets from head to toe.  She figured I was still alive because she heard me breathing and saw the mound of covers moving up and down.

The good news is that despite these few strange occurrences, I am sleeping better overall.  I find I am staying asleep longer and waking up more rested than in the past.

I am down to drinking two cups of half-caffe coffee.  I am eating healthier meals.  No junk food.  Reducing greatly take-out or eating out.  I am chewing more slowly and making sure my food is completely chewed.  I can do this most of the time.  Sometimes I forget, but mostly, I’m doing well.  Still struggling with the no drinking before/during/after meals.  I’m getting a little better, but I still have a long way to go.

Things I still need to do:

Yearly check up with primary doctor.

Psychological review.

I see the nutritionist again in July.  Two appointments down.  Four to go.



2 responses to “More Preparation for Surgery

  1. A lot of change going on! 🙂 Not sure I could handle eating slowly… I try when I think about it, but too many times I’m in a hurry and just stuff my face. Ugh… then I feel sick. I should take a lesson, and start paying attention, chewing slowly, etc.

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