Daily Archives: June 15, 2012

Big News: Huge Change of Plans

I just received a phone call from the the surgeon who is to do the gastric by-pass surgery.

My insurance company has reduced the number of months I need to do the nutrition counseling from six months to only three months.  I have already had two appointments.  My third is the second week in July.  I was planning on surgery around November-ish.  Now, it is looking more like by before the end of summer.

I still have to do the psych evaluation.  I called that Dr. this am.  And I need clearance from my primary care doctor.  She’s next on my list to call.

This is a huge change.  I thought I had a few more months to prepare.  Now I have to step up preparations for my home and to get myself mentally prepared for this pretty much immediately.

I am so excited.  Deep breath!