The Before Me

My nutritionist has informed me that it is a good idea to do before and after photos so that I can measure the results of my weight loss.  Since I can now have the surgery sooner, I figured it was a good time to put up the before photos.  I chose one from my little sister’s wedding because it is a full body shot.  Most of the pictures I have of me are head shots.  I called my sister last night and told her my plan  I asked her, “Do you mind if I use this photo from your wedding?”   Her response, tongue in cheek was “I looked awesome in those photots! Sure!”  She’s too funny.

I am the only nonskinny person in this picture.  My sister Sandy is the pretty girl in the brown suit.    And the stunning woman in red is my mother.  And of course, the blushing bride Jen.  Hint, she’s the one in white.

So, there, that’s me before surgery.  I need to scan some pictures of myself in high school when I weighed anywhere between 120-130 pounds, a weight I would love to be, to kind of remind me of what I could potentially look like.  Granted, I will never look 16 again, but the body shape could be similar.  Anyway, once I get those pics scanned, I will add them.

2 responses to “The Before Me

  1. Colleen, you are an inspiration, I am thinking of the Lap Band myself! Keep me posted on your progress! Love you Cuz!

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