The Day After

Did anyone get the number of the truck?

Yesterday was a crazy day.  Impromptu lake trip.  Nieces Adoption Day celebration.  Yes, we are dorky enough to celebrate the day the court officially made her one of us under the law.  She loved it.  She just assumes she has two birthday celebrations.  They have never kept the adoption a secret, but she’s four.  She doesn’t really fully understand the word adoption, even though she’s heard the word many times in her short life.  So, of course, yesterday they tried lovingly explained adoption in a way a 4 year old would understand, which prompted her announcing over and over again, “today is MY special day.”  Us singing many rounds of “Happy Adoption Day to You!”  Followed by a lot of cheering.  Did I say we are dorks?

But we never got around to renting canoes, so no chance of tipping over.  Nonetheless, a fun and hilarious day.

So, I’ve been doing this new thing while eating.  It is one of my required eating exercises from my nutritionist.  I have to pay attention to my hunger level.  Eat slowly and only eat until I stop feeling hungry.  It’s an effort to practice not over eating and to develop a mind-body connection.  The problem is, I am used to eating a lot more food than that. So, I get hungry a lot sooner.  So, now I feel like I am hungry all of the time because I have to eat small amounts of food every 3-4 hours.  Now, I understand that is probably a more healthy way to eat than eating 3 big meals every day.  But it is making me a little crazy.  Plus I have to stop all of the time and say, “I’m hungry, let’s eat.”

I know that when I spend the day with my family they must think I’m nuts because every couple of hours I’m looking for something else to eat.  My sister is pretty cool about it.  I’ve explained to her what I’m doing.  She has noticed that I’m eating healthier food and a small volume.  She even commented on it yesterday.  So, that’s my progress now.  I’m also down to just a couple of cups of 1/2 caffe coffee a week.  I am going to probably just move to full on decaf some time this week.

So move to caffeine free Colleen nearly accomplished.  Dr. appointment this week.  Last nutrition appointment the week after.  Somewhere in there, I have to get the psychological review.  Then back tot he surgeon for the next steps.

Oh, and I have to say, the cat thing was genius yesterday.  I had more hits on my blog in one day than I’ve had to date.  So, I’m going to test this out again.

Here is a picture of my sister’s cat Oscar  guarding her stash of stuff:


3 responses to “The Day After

  1. That is the cutest cat ever! Keep em coming!

  2. Ummm… no caffeine?! I’d die.

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