Facing the Harsh Reality

By now I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone with a TV, computer, or radio, that the country has been suffering from a horrible heat wave and many people have gone without electrical power  My apartment was lucky.  I only lost electricity for 36 hours, however, it was enough to wreak havoc on on the contests of my refrigerator.

Since returning to my home after a weekend at my sister’s, I have managed to skillfully avoid contact with my refrigerator for the most part.  I did pick up a couple of staples to get me through the week, but they are now gone.  Today I faced the harsh reality of cleaning out my refrigerator.

I was out of meat with the exception of one package of sausage links before the outage.  But I did have eggs, vegetables, soy milk, and condiments to contend with.  Most of the veggies were rotten.  The recalled Dole salad mix I had no intention of eating anyway.  I had already called Peapod to get a refund on them since they had been recalled due to listeria.  (ewww)  I pitched the sausage links.  I know they are mostly preservatives, but still, why take a chance.  Clearly the eggs hit the trash as well as the mayo.  I kept some  of the condiments, raspberry jam, one thing of mustard.  I keep the rice vinegar chilled, but I’m sure it is just fine.

So, now I am down to a handful of condiments, some spinach, and rice.  Time to shop, obviously.

Fortunately, I was almost to the point of going grocery shopping anyway.  The damage boiled down to one bag of trash and half a bag of recyclable containers.  But I hate throwing food away.  it is such a waste.  I was going to hit the grocery store today, but they are calling for another round of violent thunderstorms again tonight.  I do not want to throw another refrigerator full of groceries away if the power goes out again.  I just cannot afford it.

I find it very difficult to follow a healthy stable diet if I cannot even keep healthy food in the house.  Do I punt today and go to the market downstairs and buy some frozen dinners to get me through until tomorrow or worse yet, order take out?  Or do I go to the grocery store and cross my fingers?  I do have a couple of bags of ice in the freezer that survived the last black out.  I could move them to the cooler and put as much of the food in there as I can.  That could work, but if the blackout lasts a couple of days as it has for many people here, I’m screwed.

It is kind of infuriating that in the 21st century, we cannot seem to find a way to have our power system survive a thunderstorm.  There has to be a better way.

Today’s post will end with an adorable picture of my sister’s cat Oscar.  She kept me great company last weekend.

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