Psych Review Update

I finished the final doctor and insurance company requirement this weekend.  I had my psych review done.  As I have stated before, it took me forever to find a doctor who accepted my insurance that was near me.  I was not successful and ended up gonig with one of the doctors the surgeon recommended.  That doctor was 26 miles from me.

I picked up a Zipcar Saturday am and made the trek out to Ashburn, VA.  It was far, but absolutely worth it.  The doctor that I met with was really great.  I felt at complete and total ease with her.  We spent about an hour talking.  Then I had to take some tests.

The one test, I had to draw shapes and symbols on a piece of paper while looking at different cards.  Then I had to draw as many as I could from memory.  I struggled with the overlapping 3-D squares and rectangles, but I always have struggled with those.  I did the best I could .  Then, I drew as many of them from memory that I could.

Then I had to take this huge test of true or false questions.  The test had 567 questions, and I had to answer them by filling in little circles on one of those scanable cards.  I thought I might go blind by the end.  It was horrible filling in all those little circles.

The questions were not too bad.  Most of them were questions like, “I feel I am basically a happy person.”  Or “I am aggitated easily.”

My favorite questions related to paranoia.  Statements like, “I often feel like people are watching me.”  Or “I know people often talk behind my back”  Yeah, because I’m just that important or interesting, right?  There were many other examples, but I do not remember them all.  I laughed out loud every time I read one.  Fortunately the doctor was not present for this or I might have tried joking with her about them.

Once the surgeon has the doctor’s review, he will submit to the insurance company.  Once the insurance company approves the surgery, he will schedule a surgery date.

I do not know how long that process takes, but suddenly things are starting to feel very real.

Today I am posting a video that I saw on the Youtubes.  I have watched it twice now and it totally cracked me up.  Dauschaund chasing a crab on the beach.  Too funny!  🙂


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