Surgery Update

I have to admit, I am getting a bit anxious about the surgery.  I have been planning for it for a long time, but until now it was theoretical, off some time in the nebulous distance.  Not anymore.  I have a tentative date and the countdown can officially begin.

Then yesterday, I received a phone call from the surgeon’s office.  The insurance company denied the claim.  The guy at the surgeon’s office assured me that this is becoming standard with the insurance company.  They deny the claim and give you another hoop to jump through.

The insurance company wants a letter from my primary care doctor saying that I am medically cleared for surgery.  My doctor already supplied a letter saying that I am a good candidate for the surgery.  She won’t do the “medically cleared” letter until we do a pre-op appointment.  I have an appointment for Monday.  I do not know what she is going to require.  Will I need more tests?  I do not know. I guess I will find out on Monday.

The surgeon’s office assured me that once they have that letter, they should get the insurance company’s decision overturned in a day or so.  We shall see.

Once the surgery is approved, I will then only need to do a pre-op with the nutritionist and then take a class on how to eat after the surgery, plus anything else the surgeon’s office will require.

For now, we have not changed the surgery date.  We are still on track for the end of September.

Today’s cat picture is of my former cat Pounce de Lyon.  I know, cute name.  Friends of mine found him as a kitten, nursed him to health and gave him to me as a present.  I had him for many years.  He was an awesome cat.  He was so beautiful and very friendly.

When I first got him, he attacked everything and everyone.  When I had guests over, he would get so jealous of them, he would try to bite them.  I had to put him in my bedroom when I had visitors.  Then my sister brought home two kittens.  He fell hopelessly in love with the female cat and became putty in her hands.  This mellowed him out quite a bit and he became much more affectionate.  He was always affectionate with me, just not with strangers.  Once he mellowed, he loved everyone.

My cousin came to visit, and Pounce ran into the room to greet him.  Pounce jumped into his lap, meowed, and laid down so that he could pet him.  At which point my cousin asked if this was the same cat as before.

The gargoyle and dragon belong to my sister.  She loves that kind of stuff.  Pounce used to love to curl up next to this dragon and pretend to be stalking.

8 responses to “Surgery Update

  1. Hang in there, Colleen! Just keep in mind that it gives you good writing material and the worse it gets for you the more interesting it gets for everyone who is reading this!

    An optimistic attitude is key~

  2. Here’s hoping that everything works out and you don’t have to push your surgery date back. Just think, no matter what happens, even if you do end up pushing your surgery date out a bit, by this time next year you will be SO much healthier and happier! 😀

    • thank you so much for the kind words, jennifer. I know it will all work out. I was really irritated yesterday when the surgeon’s office called me.

      • This seems to be a trend with surgeries-more and more hoops. I’ve seen a few surgeries look like they were going to be cancelled, then happen with out a hitch. If your primary doctor is fine with clearing you, that’s what I would be most concerned about (not from an insurance clearance point of view, but that your body should be ok with the surgery, and know that your made a good, healthy choice). Insurance companies want to test your resolve-you’ll have to keep fighting.

      • My primary care doctor is well informed of my plans for the surgery. She’s been working with me so far. We’ve tried to get tests, etc done ahead of time. I’m not sure if my appointment Monday will be perfunctory, or if she will require even more tests before she will clear me. I have no doubt that she will in the end clear me. But what will I have to do to get there.

  3. Everything is going to work out as originally planned – have watched this over and over at the hospital I worked at – insurance companies are making things more and more difficult… You have a great mindset, a great attitude… The only thing you need to focus on is YOU…. and having a healthier you.

    • i really cannot wait for the healthier me. i’m not too worried. the surgeon’s office said they have gotten all of the denials overturned so far. and my doctor thinks it will be good.

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