Mixed Bag

So, some of the test results are rolling in.  I talked to my primary doctor at the end of the day Monday.

It turns out, my vitamin D levels are woefully below acceptable levels.  This is not good.  I am sure that part of the problem is that I do not drink milk.  I am allergic to milk, so I am very good about staying away from all milk products.  The problem is, I do not get enough vitamin D.4 She did give me some suggestions on other foods rich in vitamin D that I need to start eating more of.  She also wants me to start immediately taking vitamin D supplements, 2,000mg per day!  But after I told the surgeon’s office this news today, they wrote a prescription for a mega dose of 50,000mg.

Good news, cholesterol still 151.  This is very good.  Bad cholesterol starting to come down.  Good cholesterol needs to be higher.  Triglycerides, still crazy high.  I’m still trying to get that number under control.  I do not want to take medicine to lower my triglycerides, but if I have to, I guess I must.

One of the things I am being tested for is the H Pylori virus that lives and grows in the mucus lining of the stomach.  I do not know a lot about the virus, I just know I’m being tested for it.  If you want more info, please check the wiki-link that I provided.  The salient information that I want to provide is that the initial test, which was the blood test that my doctor did, came back negative.  This is good.  The real result will come in Friday when the GI doc gives me the results from the culture they took of my tummy.  I should also have the results from the Celiac disease test they did.  The GI doc who did the colonoscopy does not think that I have Celiac because he saw no damage, but they took a culture anyway.  My sister has Celiac disease and chances are greater among family members if one person already has the disease.

I’m not going to write anymore information about Celiac in this post, but I know a lot about it, if anyone ever has any questions, wants more information, or suggestions on how to make yummy gluten-free meals, let me know.  I’m more than happy to share.

I still have to get the sonograms of my gallbladder.  I have an appointment Friday morning before work.  I was ill in February and they did every test imaginable for my gallbladder and they found nothing wrong.  They just need a current test showing it is still OK.  Why they cannot just take my word for it is beyond me, but I’ll go waste the money.

I met with my nutritionist and the nurse at the surgeon’s office yesterday.  They did not like my vitamin D levels, as I stated earlier.  But they also did not like my EKG.  Now they want me to get a cardiac clearance.  They said that the EKG showed that perhaps my heart is not getting enough blood.  This could be an indication of a blockage, it could mean my arteries are small, or it could just be my weight.  In either case, I have to get a stress test.  I have a heart doctor that I saw two years ago.  I am calling them tomorrow to get this scheduled.

I am very concerned about this because heart disease runs in my family.  I have never been diagnosed with heart disease.  I am hoping that this is not an indication that I have it.  My bad cholesterol is a little high.  My triglycerides are high.  Now this.  I am going to hope for the best but get my butt to the heart doctor asap.

Today’s cat picture is showing little Mia again.  I shared this picture of Mia when my co-worker just got her as a kitten.  As you can see, she’s getting pretty big!  And it seems she has made a truce with the other cat Ziggy, during naptime at least.  🙂


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