Daily Archives: October 14, 2012

T Minus Ten Days And Counting

I cannot believe I only have ten days left.  I still have to get a stress test.  That is scheduled for Tuesday.  I have my leave of absence approved at work and I have applied for short-term disability as well.

Today I went to GNC and bought all of my vitamins and protein drinks.  GNC was much less expensive than many of the online stores I was directed to by the doctor.  I still need to get a B-1.  GNC didn’t have it in a chewable form.  Oh yeah, that’s right.  All of my vitamins have to be chewable.  I will also have to be on vitamins and protein drinks for the rest of my life.

The protein drinks were the most difficult thing to find.  I am allergic to milk and the majority of protein drinks are made with isolated milk or whey protein.  I found a couple online that were non whey, but one of them had shellfish, the other did not have enough protein.  GNC had a couple different ones that worked.  One was a soy protein the other was egg.  I bought one of each.

This week I have to eat light.  No heavy starchy or fatty meals.  I stay on that diet all the way until the day before the surgery.  The day before, I can eat a normal meal before six on Tuesday.  No liquids or anything after midnight.  My surgery is at 8:00 am the next day on Wednesday, October 24.

I also moved all of my clothes that I will need for after the surgery to my sister’s house.  They have the guest room all set up for me.  I just need to get through this week and my stress test and I will be ready.

OH my gosh, I almost forgot…my mother is coming to town too.  I am excited to see her.  I have to do a thorough scrubbing of my apartment though.   It’s in pretty good shape now, but no where clean enough for a visit from mom.  I once had a magnet on my fridge that said this:

Show me a house that is excruciatingly clean and I’ll show you an older female relative about to visit it.

Yeah, it’s like that.  My only regret is I do not have time to get the carpets scrubbed before she arrives.