Four days until the surgery.  I cannot believe how quickly this is coming up on me.  For so long, it felt so far away.  Now it feels like it is happening way too soon. 

Today’s projects:

  • Finish organizing closet.
  • Mop kitchen and bathroom.
  • vacuum entire apartment including couch.
  • Clean work mailbox so that my Outlook doesn’t crash while I’m on leave.
  • Finish packing up final bag o’ stuff to take to my sister’s place on Tuesday.

Mom arrives on Tuesday.  My sister is picking both of us up at my place sometime on Tuesday.  Then my mom is going to a hotel near the hospital.  She’s so smart.  It is probably the only time she has had all to herself in years.  Don’t get me wrong, her husband is awesome and treats her very well.  But he’s retired and is home all day.  The only time she has away from him is while she’s at her part-time job.  Not exactly a get-away.  Visiting me at the hospital isn’t exactly a get-away either, but at least she’ll have a place to go back to and rest quietly without distraction.

This afternoon, I am having lunch with a friend.  We are going to an Indian restaurant.  I love Indian food.  I love food with strong spice and flavor.  I will eventually be able to eat some Indian food eventually after the surgery, but it will be a while.  My favorite is the chicken saag, which is chicken and spinach.  I’m a huge fan of spinach. 

They say your taste change after surgery sometimes.  I really hope I do not lose my taste for Indian food.  I can give up a lot of stuff.  I haven’t had pizza in eight years.  I would even begrudgingly give up chocolate, but only if I absolutely had to.  Take away my taste for curry, palaak, and somosas…that’s a step too far.

Come to think of it, no I probably would not give up chocolate either.

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  1. Sending good thoughts your way! 🙂

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