Two more days until my surgery.  It still feels a little bit unreal.

Today is my last day of work before the surgery.  I am what is called the Lead Agent on my account.  My manager is the official manager, but I try to lead the team.  I work very closely with my manager.  I share my ideas with him.  I wrote the training manual. I train new employees, temps, and back-up agents.  I approve/disapprove vacations.  And I do many of the reports for the client.

I had to divide my work up between two different people while I’m out.  I feel that I have them adequately trained.  I had my manager trained to think that he could not live without me.  Now I am going to be out for a month and he’s a little nervous.  The people I have trained to back me up are awesome.  He will have no problems while I’m gone.  My fear is he will learn that it is all a lie.  He can live without me and like anyone in today’s workforce, I am absolutely replaceable.

Nah, I kid.  I’m not really worried.  I know they’ll be fine without me.  We have a great team.  I know they will miss me and will be glad when I come back.  For that, I am thankful.

Today I have to start using this antiseptic scrub on the area where the doctor will do the surgery.  I have to use it today, tomorrow and the morning of my surgery.  I have three bottles of this stuff.


My mom will be here tomorrow.  I cannot wait to see her.  Of course, being my mom, she keeps asking if there is anything that I need.  Do I have deodorant?  How about shampoo?  Should she pick me up some more pajamas?  She is awesome.  I have all of these things and I feel I am good.  I did tell her that I need a B50 complex chewable vitamin with thiamine.  I still have not bought that.

I do not want her spending too much of her money on me.  Both her and her husband are senior citizens on social security.  I think he has his retirement as well, but my mom does not have a lot of disposable income.  She is spending a lot just traveling here and staying in a hotel for 3 nights.  She wanted to stay in a hotel.  She will be one mile from the hospital, which is closer than where my brother and sister live.  She will also have a place where she can go to be alone for a few hours and relax.  It is hard enough having a daughter in the hospital.  Not being able to relax properly because you’re a guest in someone else’s home is not what she needs right now.  I’m also glad she will be so close to me.

I have a list of things I need to do today.

  • Contact surgeon’s office and verify time they want me to arrive at hospital.
  • Fax short-term disability forms to STD insurance company.
  • Pay one bill.
  • Make a food shopping list for my sister.
  • Mail absentee ballot application to Virginia for election.

That’s right. It is an election year.  No matter what our individual political beliefs or medical conditions, we all must vote.  I never understood people who didn’t vote.  It is our civic duty.  Do it.  Vote.  OK, that’s as far into politics as I will delve.  And that’s all for today!  🙂

2 responses to “Two

  1. So excited for you! I’m awaiting my absentee ballot… takes FOREVER with these DPO’s. 😐

  2. I hope you get it soon Bobby…election is in two weeks! 🙂

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