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A Quick Note About Thanksgiving Dinner

I decided to spend the day with my brother and his in-laws.  I think I posted that before.

They were so nice about meeting my new diet requirements.  I brought the Baby Bullet with me to do any necessary pureeing.  There was some confusion over what I wanted to drink during dinner.  I had to remind them a couple of times that I cannot eat and drink at the same time.  No biggie, that all worked out just fine.

I pureed my turkey.  I had sweet potatoes and asparagus as well.  I did not need to puree the sweet potatoes nor the asparagus. The asparagus was quite mushy so I just mushed them up some more before eating them.  I added a little bit of gravy to the turkey before I pureed it.  I stuck to the plan, two tablespoons of turkey, one tablespoon of sweet potatoes and one table-spoon of asparagus.  I slowly ate and took the full 30 minutes to complete my meal.

The stuffing, one of my all time favorite foods, stayed at the other end of the table away from me.  I do not know if that was by design or if it was a happy coincidence.  If  I had stuffing sitting in front of me for 30 minutes, I’m not sure how well my self-control would have fared.  Alas, I did not have to test my will as the stuffing stayed safely far away from me.

I felt quite satisfied that I had a good holiday meal and I was full and not craving anything too dangerous by the end of it.  Not to mention, I had a great time visiting with my niece and her cousins.

At one point my niece and little Georgie were pretending that I was a dragon they had to kill.  George poked me in the stomach and I had to nicely tell him that for now, they had to stay away from my tummy.  My niece interjected by saying, “Yeah, Aunt Colleen has a really big boo-boo on her tummy.”  The conversation quickly devolved into a discussion on how big the boo-boo was with each of them trying to out do the other.  I ended it by saying in an animated fashion, “It’s the biggest boo-boo you have ever seen, George!”  They both fell down laughing and continued with their game slaying the giant Aunt Colleen dragon.

They were very cute.  Little baby Ollie who is two and not one, is just adorable.  He’s definitely the strong silent type.  I can see his little mind going as he tries to figure out a different way to get around his parents and the other adults in the room.  George and my niece are loud and a bit chaotic.  While adults are trying to settle those two, little Ollie is silently doing something he knows he should not do.

Example:  The adults are corralling Georgie and my niece back to the table with their cupcakes so that they do not drag cake throughout the house.  Also, to teach them that we eat at the table not while playing with toys.  Ollie took advantage of the distraction and silently slid under the table, cupcake clenched in both fists, and slipped away into the other room with the toys before anyone noticed he was gone.

The kids were so cute.  Of course, I can say that being safely ensconced in the Auntie arena since I do not have to take them home at all!

One another note, I do have a tree.  I bought a pre-lit tree at Target for $50.  It’s a six-foot tree, which is bigger than I wanted, but it’s narrow and does not take up too much space.  I like it.  I bought some extra lights and I have it decorated already.  I am done shopping for my niece.  I did not go to any stores on the dreaded day after Thanksgiving shopping day.  I did however, do some shopping online and I am having presents sent to me at no additional cost.  I am excited about the holidays this year.  So, bring on Christmas!

(presents under tree are simulated through decorative boxes and one toy bear. no actual presents were used in the creation of this photo)



The Return Of The Cycle

OK, so some people may find this post gross, but I’m going to do it anyway, so consider yourself warned.

For the past 7 years or so, my monthly cycle has been slowing down.  I’m getting close to that age where these things happen naturally in women.  I think it was accelerated a bit by my obesity and the doctor thinks so too.  I still have one or maybe two cycles during the year and it always catches me off guard.  On the whole, however, I do not have to worry about buying pads or tampons on a regular basis.

Fortunately, I keep a small supply of pads on hand just in case.  It has proved to be a wise thing to do, especially if one of my friend’s are visiting and I hear them say, “Oh no!” from the bathroom followed by the inevitable, “Um, Colleen…”  I can then tell them with confidence, “Under the sink on the left!”  But primarily I keep a supply on hand in case I need them once or twice a year.

Before the gastric by-pass surgery the nurse asked me about my cycle and I told her I had not had one in a while.  She then told me that they may start-up again when I start losing weight.  She said that young women often get pregnant a year or so after the surgery because their bodies become more fertile again.  I was not really ready for that possibility as I long ago gave up the notion of having children.  I was a little bit shocked to hear that my periods may return.

Well, it has been one month and one day since the surgery and I woke up to a little surprise visitor this am.  I honestly thought that I would have to lose a lot more weight before my cycle started up again.  I was a little bit shocked to see evidence of it so soon.  I do not know at this point if this is a yearly or bi-yearly event or if this is a return to pre-obese normalcy.

I am not sure what to expect at this point, but I feel the need to go and stock up on supplies just in case!