The Dilemmas of Rapid Weight Loss

I do not know if this is a problem that everyone has or if this is specifically my problem, but it is serious.

I am running out of wearable pants.

I know, I know.  I bought two pair of jeans in a smaller size just last month.  Well, guess what?  They are becoming too big.  So, I have one pair of stretch pants that were originally too small, but I have had them for years and they are all stretched to the end of creation, two pairs of jeans that are bigger and bigger every day, and that is it.  I have several pair of shorts that work, but the temperature in DC is in the teens today, so they are not really helping me at all.

I bought a pair of yoga pants yesterday so that I have some exercise clothes.  They are stretchy so I bought them a size smaller since I know am still losing weight.  But that still does not really solve my problem.

I tried to go to my favorite fat chick store yesterday and that location was closed down.  I went to Target thinking I could get some cheap pants, but their collection sucked, except for the yoga pants.  They had one wall of plus size clothes and they were the ugliest clothes I have ever seen.  Well, except for one gorgeous purple cardigan that was more money than I wanted to spend for something I am only going to wear for the next two months and that still did not solve the fact that I have no bleeping pants!

I am going to do some searching online, but if all else fails, I will have to go to the mall.  I hate the mall.  Well, not hate exactly, but  I do not relish it.

There is also the financial impact of having to buy new pants ever month.  Clothes are expensive.  My sister suggested getting pants at the Goodwill for now until I get down to a stable weight. I might just do that.  I hate buying plus sized clothes at second-hand stores.  They do not always have the greatest selection of clothes for larger women.  In addition, I’m short.  It is hard enough finding plus sized clothes for short ladies in a regular store let alone second-hand.

Oh, in other news, I had to replenish my supply of panties.  I am sure everyone was dying to know that, but after losing 71 pounds, it was time.  I made sure to buy a pair smaller than I actually need so they will last me a couple of months before I have to restock again.

I am going to check Kohls and a couple of other places online to see if I can find some pants that see me though one or two more sizes.  If not, I think I will take my sister’s suggestion and try a second-hand store.  I will keep you posted.  Until then, the search for pants continues.

I have some updated photos of myself that I took yesterday.  I added a bunch more on my Facebook page.  Check them out.

Photo on 2013-01-21 at 21.09Photo on 2013-01-21 at 21.12Photo on 2013-01-21 at 21.36 #2





10 responses to “The Dilemmas of Rapid Weight Loss

  1. I would definitely check the second hand stores!! The clinic I go to has coordinated with the local Salvation Army store and does a Bariatric clothing exchange. You take in your clothes that are too big and they give you a voucher to use towards clothes that fit. I will be making use of this program soon. :). I would much rather go to the various thrift stores for some clothing than to continually buy new that won’t fit for long. So, I vote for listening to your sister. :). And awesome job by the way!!!

  2. Hey there. If you plan on any online shopping for clothing check out for coupon codes to different stores. Especially once you get closer to your goal. Also you can check out for things at huge discounts. You never know what you can find there. =)

  3. If you find yourself headed for the mall, I’m happy to go with. Every shopper needs a wing-man!

  4. That’s a GREAT problem to have… I love shopping! ;P

    Though, spending the money can be a bitch.

  5. I love the pictures and I am really proud of you! Maybe you could reward yourself with a new hairstyle, that always makes me feel better, unless of course you are not wanting to part with your long locks! You are looking good!! Keep it up. Love you!

  6. I hate pants. I am short and do not look good in them. But I mostly hate them because if you gain or lose the least amount of weight, they look awful. So I wear skirts. They’re a bit more forgiving, I find. I can’t fit into most of the pants I wore as a smoker…but all my skirts still fit!

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