Daily Archives: April 1, 2013

The Hardest Thing About Holidays

The hardest thing about holidays for me, obviously, is the food.  In many ways, it is easier now because I literally cannot eat as much as I could before. 

Like all dieters, I have to pick and choose which foods I treat myself to on holidays.  Unlike most dieters, however, overindulging is really not an option.  I mean, I guess I could and just make myself really, really sick, stretch my stomach pouch too much, or risk causing serious harm to my insides, but those are really bad ideas if you ask me.

Yesterday was Easter and as I posted earlier, I went to my brother’s in-laws for dinner.  We had a great time.  My niece, especially.  Lots of candy.  Lots of easter egg hunting.  Lots of food. 

I have to say, for the whole day, I was only severly tempted twice.

They served the standard nosh before dinner, which is usually shrimp cocktail and some kind of chip and dip thing.  Yesterday, my sister-in-law made homemade salsa so they had corn chips and salsa. 

I love chips and salsa!   OMG, it was so hard to resist!

I remained strong and did not eat any.  I did taste a tiny bit of the salsa only finger tip once, but I do not really count that as eating.  That was just a lick.

For dinner I was pretty good.  A couple of ounces of ham.  Some sweet potatoes, no gooey marshmallows on top for me.  Two asparagus spears.  Teeny-weeny tiny bit of salad.  Probably a little bit more than I should have, but I was OK.

Dessert was the other temptation.  I only had a cup of coffee.  I had reached my food limit for the day and could not eat anymore.  My sis-in-law brought cupcakes, which were not such a big deal for me.  The difficult item was the Irish whiskey cake.  OMG it looked and smelled so good.  It’s basically a pound cake soaked in some kind of whiskey reduction. Sounds so decadent, if not a bit alcoholic right?

Well, for me, the alcohol is not the big deal, it’s cake drizzled in whatever.  I love pound cake that has some kind of sauce on it.  It could be caramel, chocolate sauce, vanilla syrup, whatever!  It’s the squishy, soggy cake that does me in!  I just love it.  And the cake sat right in front of me through the whole dessert.  Everyone sat there crowing about how wonderful the cake was too.  Then they would turn to me and say, “I mean, it’s just awful Colleen.” 

I don’t believe you.

That was probably the most tempted I have been since the surgery.  I managed to resist the urge to have just a tiny taste.  The fact that I am quite prone to dumping syndrome when I eat anything sweet is a huge deterrent.  The memory of the nausea, sweating, and dizziness I experienced after using vanilla soy milk in a protein shake  is enough to keep me honest.  But still, I know that if I thought I could get away with just a little bit and not get sick, I would have tried.  And that is what worries me.