I Walked A Mile!

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I know it is not such a big deal to walk a mile for most people, but considering 5 short months ago I could barely walk to the corner and back this is a big deal for me.

Yesterday, my new employer took a bunch of us to a National’s baseball game.  I stopped going to games and such years ago because of my inability to walk around.  I am doing much better now with my walking, so I decided to go.  Another friend of mine was there also.  She lives across the highway from me in Arlington.  I spent time hanging out with my co-workers and time hanging out with her. 

After the game she said she would give me a ride home.  The caveat was that she worked about a mile from the stadium and we had to walk to her office to get her car.  She asked me if I thought I could make it that far.  I confidently said yes, but secretly I was like, OMG can I do this?

I was kind of worried, I have to admit it.  I thought about it and really, I have probably walked a mile or more recently without even thinking about it.  I have walked laps around the malls here in DC.  I have walked around the museums.  I have walked around the National Mall.  But I have never really said, “OK, I am going to walk a mile now.”  

My friend knew me pretty well before the surgery.  She knew what kind of trouble I had walking.  The whole time we were walking she said stuff like, “Look at you!  You’re walking great!”  No back pain.  No gasping for air or even struggling to breathe.  It totally awesome!

I know it’s not much, but for me it was a big emotional milestone.  I can now say confidently that I walked a mile!

6 responses to “I Walked A Mile!

  1. A huge milestone!!! Awesome!

  2. Hooray! Congrats, Colleen!

  3. Only 999 more!

    I’ll be waiting.

  4. THATS AMAZING!!!! IT IS a big deal, don’t let anyone tell you its not! congrats, KEEP GOING!!!

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