Daily Archives: April 7, 2013

Cherry Blossoms At Last!

Every spring, the DC area has a Cherry Blossom Festival.  I have never gone.  In recent years, I did not go because I could not do the walking.  I did not really go to the festival this year, either, but I did make it down to  a small part of the Tidal Basin in an attempt to see some blossoms.  I will probably try to make my way down there later this week once they are in full bloom.  The blossoms are late this year as the we has been so cold this March.  Nonetheless, today the sun was shining and the temperature finally made it over 60 degrees.

Me and Blossoms

Today is my friend Andy’s birthday.  He wanted to celebrate by going down to see the Cherry Blossoms.  There were not many Cherry Blossoms out.  They were just beginning to bloom today.  We found one branch that was in full bloom.  We sat under the tree with some of his friends, drank some Japanese tea, ate some Japanese snacks, and read Cherry Blossom haiku.  Then we went to an Indian restaurant for lunch where we met my brother and his wife.

My brother and I went to high school with Andy.  In a previous post, I mentioned my brother’s best friend with whom I went to the homecoming dance my junior year.  Yeah, that’s him.

I had really great time.  It also felt great to not be restricted by my health.  I was able to walk all over the place with them.  My only restriction is that I have short legs and I walk a little more slowly than taller people.  Other than that, I had no problems. It was wonderful.

If we had not been meeting my brother for lunch, I would have loved to have walked around the Tidal Basin a little bit more.  The only problem with these darn Cherry Blossoms is that they will most likely be gone by next weekend.  They are very fragile.  They really do not last more than a week or so.  A strong windstorm or rainstorm can wash them away in a few minutes.  But, while they are here, they are a very beautiful herald of a much welcomed spring and rebirth.