Quick Update

I have a quick correction to make on last night’s post.  My mom commented on my blog and disabused me of some faulty information regarding my step-dad’s cancer and heart problems.  Here is what she said:

“He does have a new smaller tumor but it is not pressing on any of the arteries leading to the heart. It is pressing on the bronchial area and when he coughs, it breaks the little arteries causing them to bleed. Sometimes it is a lot of blood and sometimes not. We have been warned that it could be a lot at which time we are to call 911 and get him to the ER. The heart is another matter. He was/is in a-fib which means basically, that the heart is in a little trouble. The defibulator is working overtime but it is working and that is important.”

Thank goodness the tumor is not pressing on an artery leading to the heart.  They still do not know why he is in afib.  Hopefully, they will get some answers today as he sees the heart doctor before his chemo treatment.  So, things are not great, but not as dire as I thought.

Thank you everyone for all of your kind words and prayers.  We are still trying to remain hopeful he can pull through this.

2 responses to “Quick Update

  1. Sending good vibes his way!

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