Daily Archives: April 14, 2013

Driving In Virginia

So, what feels like a million years ago, was really only about 14 years ago.  I used to live on the Maryland side of the DC Metro area.  I lived in Bethesda and attended the University of Maryland.  I could get anywhere in Maryland, no problem.

Virginia on the other hand was a huge maze.  My brother lived in VA and I did sometimes have to go there.  Then one of my friends moved to Virginia.  One day, I was with my brother and his future wife.  They were driving me to said friend’s house to pick up something. We got lost because I did not know where we were going.  This was long before Google maps, etc.  We had a small argument in the car which ended with me saying something like, “Don’t blame me.  I did not design the roads in Virginia!”

Well, shortly after that incident, I moved to Phoenix.  Unbeknownst to me, for years my brother and his wife used this phrase behind my back.  Any time they got lost, they would say, “OMG we’re lost! Quick call Colleen…oh wait, she didn’t design the roads in Virginia!”

This apparently went on for years.  When I moved back to this area and made Virginia my home, they never told me about this.  When my sister moved to Virginia, they told her.  She cracked up and waited until I was in their presence and told me about it.  We all had a good laugh.

Now that I live in Virginia, I have found my way around pretty well.  I still get lost as I have absolutely no sense of direction most of the time, but I’m doing better.  And yes, my family still teases me about not designing the roads in Virginia.

Well, now I know I will not be the only driver in Virginia lost most of the time.  My step-niece just got her learner’s permit and was out driving with my sister today.  I’m writing this post in part to warn everybody, be on the lookout

I went to visit my sister and my niece asked me if I had a stick-shift or automatic transmission.  I told her automatic and she looked relieved.  Of course, my sister has a stick-shift and my step-niece must have stalled it out about 20 times.  I was reminded of the time that my youngest sister purchased a Mazda Miata with a manual transmission when she did not even know how to drive a stick.  We must have sat through 4 cycles at a red light one time.  Hilarious.

It occurred to me that my niece is probably going to ask me to let her drive with me.  She did not ask me this time, but I suspect that she will in the future.

Get your helmets everyone!