My New Obsession

Ever since the shopping spree with my sister, I have become obsessed with shopping.  I spent a lot of my weekend surfing the internet looking at new clothes.  I have decided that I want to wear dresses this summer.  I found very few suitable dresses as I will not be going sleeveless any time soon.  I only found one suitable dress while I was shopping with my sister.  Shopping online, however, I have many more options!  Oh God don’t even get me started on shoes!

I found this awesome dress at Dress Barn.  I have nowhere to wear it, but I’m not sure I should let that stop me.  I remember a commercial a while back for one of the outlet malls near here.  Their tag-line was “Buy the half-priced cocktail dress.  The party will come.”  Corny, but why not?  OK, I know that’s not really a cocktail dress either, but I think it’s a bit much for work.


This one is OK.  I can wear it to work at least.


The Avenue also has many dresses on sale right now.  I checked out the Land Bryant website, but really, I hate their cloths.  They are also horribly overpriced.  Who can afford $98 for a skirt, especially one that will not fit me in a few months?  Not this girl!

I have to admit, I’m hesitant to buy any more plus-sized clothes.  I can wear anything from a 14-18 now.  I’d say another 10 pounds and I will solidly be in the 14/16 range.  Another 20-25 pounds and I may be out of plus sizes altogether.  Then I will definitely need to go shopping again! 

I have to admit, I never thought I would see the end to plus sized clothes.  I’m kind of excited and a bit nervous to be back shopping in the regular women’s clothing stores.  That will be a glorious day, for sure!  No more Manatee Gray for me!  (F#@k Target.  Seriously!)

3 responses to “My New Obsession

  1. #1- the little pink dress is PERFECT for work, or just anywhere, and it IS TOTALLY a cocktail dress! Its a great spring/summer color, and looks super cute. #2- I used to make this mistake all the time: Yes, its annoying buying clothes, that won’t fit soon and blah blah blah. BUT- you HAVE to shop for the size you are now, so that you feel goodabout yourself. if you’re wearing oversized old stuff that makes you feel like a bum, it will reflect on your eating and working out! A good idea is Try to get good pieces, that you can then have taken in, when you lose another 20lbs, so you don’t have to get rid of it! Most dresses, this is totally do able. ALSO: old navy, and forever 21, have plus size sections that are pretty cheap to get you through different phases. 7.00 shirts etc! great job! keep it up!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I like Old Navy. I bought some $10 blouses from there. I went to buy that dress last night, but the Dress Barn near me did not have it. I think I have to order it online. 😦

  2. Dress Barn can be really hit-or-miss; because they stock so many items, they often only have a few of each. Ordering online is the way to go with them. Keep it up, lady – you’re inspiring!

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