Daily Archives: April 28, 2013

Spring Cleaning Sunday

Today is a day of cleaning.  I thought I would start in the kitchen.  I emptied the dishwasher and loaded up my breakfast dishes along with a few random coffee cups.  Then I opened the refrigerator and decided I needed to start in the bathroom instead.

Now, I keep my bathroom relatively clean.  I cleaned the tub last weekend and wiped off the sink twice this week.  I also wipe down the toilet regularly.  Then the maintenance crew from the building came in this week to replace the filters in the air unit.  They decided that the light in my bathroom needed to be changed.  When that did not improve the lighting situation, I was informed that they needed to replace a part in the light fixture.  I left them to their task and went to work.  When I came home, I discovered my sink was covered in crud.  The dust from the fluorescent light fixture in the bathroom deposited itself on my sink and consequentially, my toothbrush.  I have since replaced the toothbrush.  I dusted the crud off of the sink, but it still was not quite clean enough.

Today, I began the process of de-crudding my sink.  This led to me cleaning the tub and toilet again, which caused me to pick up everything off of the bathroom floor.  Once I pulled up the floor mat and removed the cleaning bottles from around the toilet, I was horrified.  It’s amazing what proper lighting in the bathroom reveals.  I got out my vacuum cleaner and hosed up all of the hair from the floor around the toilet.  Then I sprayed it down with disinfectant and scrubbed until shiny.  I worked my way around the bathroom, cleaning the tub, toilet, and sink along the way.  Now my bathroom sparkles.  I had to turn the light off, it was blinding.  I’m afraid to use it.  I don’t want to mess it up.

Next stop, kitchen and the dreaded refrigerator!  If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, send reinforcements…