Surgeon – Six Month Post-Surgical Update

Today I saw my surgeon for my six month update.  I had blood taken last week so that they could test my vitamin/protein levels in my system to make sure that I am receiving the proper nutrients. 

Everything looked good.  I still weigh 196.  My total weight loss to date is 102 pounds.  He cleared me to kick up the exercise.  I am going to join a gym, do yoga, and I have been meditating.  The surgeon then wants to see me in three months.  In between, I will have my annual physical with my primary care doctor.

So far, health-wise, I’m doing pretty good.  I know I feel great, so much better than I did before.  Just the fact that I can walk as much as I like and not struggle to breathe or stand is a miracle to me.

4 responses to “Surgeon – Six Month Post-Surgical Update

  1. Bravo!! that is so incredible!

  2. This has been a surreal journey, and I’m glad that you are sharing it with me (and the world… but mostly me ;P ). Your progress is incredible, and I wish that I could get the gumption to just regain the self control I’ve let slide. I ❤ you, and you continue to be an inspiration to me.

  3. Everything sounds great! Hope you look as great as you seem to feel, I havent seen any new pics lately, so I will be on the lookout! You are a great inspiration! Love you!

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