Daily Archives: June 3, 2013

Potential Skin Removal – Question #2

Today’s question comes from my good friend Laura G.  Her question is:

What are your plans for skin removal surgery and how will that work?

In all honestly, Laura, I do not know.  Once I finish losing weight, I will have a better idea as to whether I need skin removed and how much.  I imagine I will need some skin removed.

My current plan is to exercise and build up muscle tone, which should help shrink some of my excess skin and fill it in with muscles instead of fat.  But let’s face facts.  I was morbidly obese for more than 20 years.  My skin is in pretty bad shape.  I will probably have to get some skin removed when all is said and done.

I can see problem areas cropping up already.  I have excess skin on my upper thighs, my stomach, my upper arms and my neck.  And I will not even mention how sad my breasts look.  If I had to choose in order of importance to me, I would have excess skin removed from my stomach, my boobs lifted, my upper arms, my thighs, and maybe my neck.  In that order.  That is a lot of surgery.  I am not sure if any of it will ever happen.  Some of this could be fixed up some by increasing my exercise and working on muscle tone and strengthening.  But I still think I will need to have some surgery to correct the rest of it.

My plans will depend on the cost of the surgery and whether insurance will pay for any of it at all.  I am hoping that insurance will pay for some of it at the very least.  I may be able to prove that the extra skin in the abdomen, etc poses a health risk and that may help.  But I have a feeling, I will end up paying for most of the skin removal surgery myself.

If I end up paying for all of it, that could be difficult.  I will have to make some tough choices based on what I can afford.  I will have to evaluate what I look like after the weight loss and exercise/muscle build-up plan are complete.  Then decide how much extra skin I am willing to tolerate.  Then I will start with the worst areas, which I can tell already will be my stomach and my thighs.  If that’s all I ever have done, I will be OK with that.  I would also like to have extra skin on my upper arms removed, but who knows if that will ever happen.  I may  just have to live with that.

For now, I’m trying not to think about it too much.  I am going to work on what I can and deal with the rest when I get to that point.