To Weigh-in Or Not To Weigh-in. That Is The Question



The one thing I hate about weight loss is the scales.  I made myself crazy this past month weighing myself almost daily.  I have a tendency to do that, make myself crazy over what he scale says.

For about a month, I lost nothing.  I went up a pound or two.  I went down a pound or two.  Mostly, though, I stayed the same.  I hovered around 186 and it made me nuts.  I weighed myself every day almost and would become upset because I just was not losing.

So, I stopped weighing myself every day.

Now I am starting to lose some weight again.  I have dropped 5 pounds in the past two weeks.  I also decided to just weigh myself once a week or so instead of every day.

Intellectually I know that everyone’s weight loss hits a plateau every now and again.  I know this.  Still, when it happens, it is easy to get discouraged and give up.  Of course, I have a built-in “cannot give up button” because of the surgery.  I mean, I guess I could totally blow it and stretch out my stomach by continually overeating the wrong kinds of food, but that would be counter productive, not to mention a colossal waste of money and time.

So, back to weighing myself once a week.  Back to losing weight again until the next plateau.  Hopefully my next plateau won’t last a month, but at least I will only have four days of disappointment and stress instead of 30.  We shall see.

12 responses to “To Weigh-in Or Not To Weigh-in. That Is The Question

  1. bodyimageprojectblog

    I am so happy you posted this. I have been at a plateau for a month now and my wedding is in 24 days. I have been so stressed and I am in the process of writing an entry about it now. But, thank you for your honesty this really is a great blog!

  2. Thank you for posting this, I say this all the time! More people need to get on the once a week bandwagon, it’s less stressful in my opinion. There are going to be ups, downs, and stalls on this journey, minimize the stress by just weighing once a week. ❤

  3. Gave my scales away for precisely the same reason. Best decision of my life. Now I go by how I feel and how my clothes feel. Great job on the loss. Keep it up 😉

  4. bodyimageprojectblog


  5. What’s almost as bad is when you cannot even trust the scale. Mine is inconsistent, probably because the floor isn’t the most even. If I nudge it an inch or so any direction the result can change by up to 2 pounds. So when the result is a good one instead of rejoicing I’m nudging the scale around on the floor, getting back on to see if it’s higher, and after 3 or so attempts I pick the highest weight and use that as my mark.

  6. You’re right, obsessing over your weight will just backfire. Though, I just weighed myself… I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. :/ Ugh… time to start exercising again.

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