Daily Archives: July 29, 2013

Another Day Another Goal Achieved

I had a pretty busy and stressful weekend.  I ventured back to Pittsburgh to check in on mom.  Her arm is still in a cast and since she is now living alone, she needs help with pretty much everything until cast is removed and she can use her arm again.

So, I drove up there and did her laundry, cleaned her house, changed the linens, grocery shopped, etc.  I also took her out for a couple of hours both Saturday and Sunday just to get her out of the house for a while.  We had fun.

Needless to say, no exercise was accomplished either Saturday or Sunday.  A little bit of walking happened, as well as 27,000 trips up and down the stairs of her three story house while carrying loads of laundry, but no “exercise” per se.

That said, I had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon this am.  I was a bit worried about what the scale would say since I had not been to the gym since Thursday.  I weighed myself when I got up this am.  I know it is less than a week since the last time I weighed myself, but I figured the doctor was going to anyway, so I might as well.

I dropped another two pounds since Wednesday.  I now weigh 178.  Yay!!

The doctor’s scale matched my scale.  When does that ever happen?  So here are the number to date:

Original Weight: 298

Today’s Weight: 178

Total Lost:  120

Pounds left to lose until goal weight of 125 reached: 53

I have to admit, I’m having crazy reactions to this news.  Part of me is like, “Woo hoo! I’ve lost 120 pounds and I only have 53 to go! Yay me!”

The other part of my crazy brain is all “Holy Crap!  WTF???  What do you mean I still have 53 pounds to go?  Will this never end?”

I know.  I said it was crazy.

I guess I’m just anxious to be done with the losing weight part of this journey.  I am happy I have lost as much as I have.  And I feel so much better.  It does sometimes feel as if I will never get there.  I will be OK, though.  I’ll just stay focused, keep track of what I’m eating, take my vitamins and protein, and keep going to the gym.  Then I can start complaining about what comes next.

Have a great Monday and enjoy this rainbow I saw on the way home yesterday.