Gym Update, Etc.

A couple of posts and maybe two weeks ago I blogged that I joined a gym.  Gold’s Gym, in fact.  I just wanted to give a quick update as to how that is going.

I finally met with my personal trainer this week.  OMG, it was brutal.  She has me working with free weights and I have an entire circuit of exercises that I have to do.  She asked me what areas I wanted to work on the most.  I told her my arms, stomach, and inner thighs.  So, I am doing exercises just for that.  I then went straight from the circuit workout to a Bodyflow class.   My inner thighs were screaming at me by the end of the Bodyflow class, but it was good.

Now here are my litany or excuses as to why I have not been to the gym more often.  Last weekend I went to Pittsburgh to help my mom.  Wednesday’s and every other Thursdays I have writer’s groups meetings, which I had both this week.  I did take Wednesday off and left work early on Thursday, so theoretically I could have gone to the gym.  Wednesday, I was sick all day before writer’s group and Thursday I was trying to catch up on sleep.  Normally, on Fridays I go to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden.  I did that last Friday before going to Pittsburgh.  And Monday, well, I was just plain lazy.

I need to get better at this if I really want to lose these last 53 pounds and whip my butt into shape.  I don’t know if I am going to do Jazz in the Garden tonight, especially since I will have my work computer in tow.  I haven’t heard from my friends who do the jazz, so I am still apt to change my mind.

My goal is to try to get to the gym tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday at the very least.  I need to also go on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Wednesday, is writer’s group.  Thursday should be back to the gym.  And that’s all the further I will commit to for now.  I don’t want to make too many promises too far into the future.  I’m taking it one week at a time.

Also potential weekend agenda items:

  • Visit with my sister.
  • Visit with my brother and his wife and daughter.  (may be combined with sister visit…my sis-in-law’s birthday is coming up…shhh)
  • Writing – I have two essays I want to finish and I need to work on my novel.
  • Create new web platform for blogs – I am going to stay with WordPress, but I might be creating a static web page where I can put links to both of my blogs, my Twitter account, my Facebook pages, and my bio just to have a centralized platform…more on that later.

Wish me luck with my commitment to working out almost every day this next week!  Have a great weekend everyone!

4 responses to “Gym Update, Etc.

  1. I started marking an X on my blotter calendar every morning at work if I had worked out the night before – so if I worked out on Tuesday night, I put an X on Tuesday when I got in Wednesday morning. When I started doing this, I just wanted to see how much I actually did go to the gym (I shoot for six days a week, but sometimes it’s four because…life). I didn’t expect that to be motivating, but it was! It is awesome seeing all of those Xes. So awesome that it makes me want to have a calendar full of them…

    This week is going to be X-free because I had one late work night, I’ll have to skip to finish packing tonight, and then tomorrow and Sunday we’ll be moving. :/

  2. One thing to note, if you aren’t completely in love with your trainer, don’t feel obligated to stick with them. My first trainer had the personality of a cardboard box, and eventually due to his cancellations and bad work ethic I FINALLY went to a manager to get a different one. He explained that you should never feel bad if you don’t get along, or feel like you’re not getting enough. My second trainer was fantastic!

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