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Too Fat To Travel?

So, apparently this guy named Kevin Chenais has been deemed too fat to travel. He has been denied boarding on flights, boats, and trains.  He apparently has a hormone imbalance, which has caused his incredible weight gain. He’s 22 years old and weights 500 pounds. He traveled to the US to receive medical help from the Mayo clinic and has been trying to get back home to France.


I really feel bad for this guy.  Granted, at my heaviest, I was never close to what he weighs.  But still, the discrimination he’s faced is unbelievable.  British Airways, the QE2, The Eurostar, have all denied him boarding quoting safety reasons.

I am thoroughly disgusted with these companies.

I can tell you point-blank that being morbidly obese is a terrible way to live.  I never weighed what he weighs, but at 315 pounds, I was horribly unhappy and sick.  My weight gain was caused by my poor eating habits and lack of exercise. This guy has a medical condition that he is trying to treat.

No matter how he gained weight, it should not matter.  People still have it in their heads that it is OK to treat people they feel are “less than” any way they please.  And fat people certainly fit that bill.

So, if this guy cannot meet the ridiculous arbitrary guidelines set by the airlines, cruise ships, and trains, he has no right to travel to seek medical help?

He flew to Chicago on British Airways.  Virgin Atlantic flew him back to London.

There is no excuse for this disgusting treatment.  Shame on them.

I hope he received the medical treatment he needs to get better.

The Dreaded High School Reunion

What a scary thought, right?  A High School Reunion?  Where you voluntarily get together with the group of people who single-handedly tormented you and made the supposed best years of your life the period of time you’ve spent the rest of your life overcoming.

They were our best friends and worst enemies.

Sophomore hs

Sophomore hs

Why would any sane person do this to themselves?

I know we have all dreamed that we would one day have some kind of Romy & Michelle moment, where we go to our reunion, show our tormentors they have not destroyed us, that we have embraced our inner freak, succeed in life beyond our wildest dreams, (and theirs), leaving them in the dust.  Our true friends will cheer and celebrate us and everyone will know we turned out the better for it.

I particularly like what Romy says at minute 1:52 of this video.

The truth is, however, that for many of us, our lives are quite ordinary and uneventful.  For many years, I was ashamed of what my life had become.  I was not successful in my professional life.  I’m not rich.  I was horribly overweight and sick.  I never married and I do not have kids.  I felt as if I was a complete and total failure.

But that was the before Colleen.

OK, some things have not changed.  I’m not rich.  I’m still not married.  And I still have no kids.

But my whole outlook on my life has changed.

I changed my job.  Still, not a high-powered, high-paying career, but I am enjoying it.  I have lost 127 pounds, and although I’m 46 pounds heavier than I was in high school, I feel great about myself.

The truth is, I have “friended” some of my old high school friends on Facebook, and many of them have been following my blog and my story of change.  They have been some of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters over this last year and a half.  I really would like to see them.  Hug them.  Thank them.

So, when one of my friends started bemoaning that our class never has reunions, or that only the popular kids get invited to the reunions we may have had over the years, I was the one who suggested that we have an alternate “anti-reunion.” Let the popular kids have their little private get together of the select few while the rest of us meet up for drinks or whatever and just have fun.

People jumped on the idea.  I know.  What on earth was I thinking?

Now there is a get together planned for the weekend before Christmas, and I am going.

Of course, I am going to buy a fantastic outfit, get my hair done, and make sure that I look absolutely fabulous.  Still, I cannot wait to see my old friends and see how their lives turned out.  As for the rest of it, who really cares?

My New Active Life & Dating Update

Wow, I have been busy.  I have so many things that I want to do that requires that I plant my butt in a chair and do, but I have become so active.  Friday night, my 5 year niece called me to make plans for the weekend.  Actually, my brother called and put her on the phone.  She wanted to invite me to go to the mountains with them and to go see the museums in the city.

So, Saturday morning, I drove out to their house and we drove out to Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Mountains.  I have never been there.  We took a very short hike through the woods.  It was kind of cold and starting to get late by the time we found a good place to stop and hike.  But we had a blast.  My brother took this picture of me and my niece, but I chopped her out of the pic out of respect for them.  I wanted to post this picture because I thought it was a pretty good picture of me.Me at Shenandoah Mountains

We also saw some bears in tress eating acorns.  That was pretty darn cool.  A little scary, but cool.  People kept pulling over on the side of the road to get their pictures.  We did as well, obviously.  All the time, I was thinking to myself, if these bears come down out of the trees, we are screwed!  Still, it was fun and my niece was completely entranced by the bears in the trees. 


I love that I can get up and just head out into the world to do what I want, hiking, walking around museums, try to keep up with my niece.  This is the life I have wanted to have for so long.  Now, thanks to my gastric by-pass surgery and 127 pound weight loss, I am living it.    Update on the dating front: I have gone out on some more dates with a couple of guys.  Nothing really to write home or blog about.  I am absolutely amazed by the men who invite me back to their place, or request an invitation to mine after having met me for 5 minutes.  I want to say to them, “Dudes, I’m not 20 anymore, and even when I was 20, I never went home with  a guy after a few minutes.” Yes, I guess I’m kind of high maintenance.  You need to get to know me, spend some time with me, invest a bit of your time and energy in wooing me, but dammit, I deserve that.  If you’re not willing to man up and put forth some effort, you’re not worth my time. I have gone out with the crazy Tea Party guy a couple of times.  I know that relationship probably has no real future, especially since he clearly lives in fantasy land. Still, we do get along.  He’s a funny guy, and when it comes to most things, he’s actually kind of smart.  We just cannot talk about politics.  I’m supposed to see him tonight, so we shall see.  I haven’t really told him that I have met other people, but until I decide whether the relationship is something I want to be serious about, I don’t really see the need, especially since none of the other “dates” really have panned out to be anything other than complete duds.   Well, that’s pretty much what I have been up to lately.  Work has been keeping me busy, although not as busy as it was earlier this summer.  I am taking some time off for Thanksgiving.  I am also going to work on an experimental cookie recipe today.  It will be with pumpkin, oatmeal, and honey.  No sugar added, so it should be something I can eat a little bit of for the holidays.  If it turns out to be good, I will post the recipe here.