Too Fat To Travel?

So, apparently this guy named Kevin Chenais has been deemed too fat to travel. He has been denied boarding on flights, boats, and trains.  He apparently has a hormone imbalance, which has caused his incredible weight gain. He’s 22 years old and weights 500 pounds. He traveled to the US to receive medical help from the Mayo clinic and has been trying to get back home to France.


I really feel bad for this guy.  Granted, at my heaviest, I was never close to what he weighs.  But still, the discrimination he’s faced is unbelievable.  British Airways, the QE2, The Eurostar, have all denied him boarding quoting safety reasons.

I am thoroughly disgusted with these companies.

I can tell you point-blank that being morbidly obese is a terrible way to live.  I never weighed what he weighs, but at 315 pounds, I was horribly unhappy and sick.  My weight gain was caused by my poor eating habits and lack of exercise. This guy has a medical condition that he is trying to treat.

No matter how he gained weight, it should not matter.  People still have it in their heads that it is OK to treat people they feel are “less than” any way they please.  And fat people certainly fit that bill.

So, if this guy cannot meet the ridiculous arbitrary guidelines set by the airlines, cruise ships, and trains, he has no right to travel to seek medical help?

He flew to Chicago on British Airways.  Virgin Atlantic flew him back to London.

There is no excuse for this disgusting treatment.  Shame on them.

I hope he received the medical treatment he needs to get better.

5 responses to “Too Fat To Travel?

  1. WTF?! They fly him over then say he’s too fat to go home?! That’s disgusting!

  2. Maybe they should make a special flight for him BC he will Need Special Seating…How Much $$$ Does that cost?? It is a PRIVILEGE to Fly, So Maybe He can’t Meet the requirements. Are Companies, usually Corporations (see the Documentary to get the correlation ) supposed to have compassion, IMPOSSIBLE, 4 this Person?? This is Bigger than this isolated Issue….But in Reality and Truth, he is not deserved to Fly.

    • So if someone is disabled and needs to special seating or help on and off the plane, they should be denied boarding? How far do you extend that “flying is a privilege” theory?

      Senior citizens in a wheelchair? Someone with a cane or on crutches? Patients with emphysema who travel with oxygen? Or is it only OK to deny boarding to fat people?

  3. They won’t even put him on a ship, citing safety concerns? WTF? Poor guy! That is ridiculous that they wouldn’t allow him to travel via ship when that may be the best thing for him.

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