To The Blossoms!

My 2017 Cherry Blossom Post!

Biking Fearlessly


Every year on my weight loss blog I write about my walk to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC and my walk around the tidal basin.

The Cherry Blossoms are pretty much gone already, but last week I did my annual pilgrimage to the Tidal Basin. This year, however, I biked!

The ride is 6.99 miles from my apartment on the Mount Vernon Trail each way. Currently, part of the Mt. Vernon trail is closed for construction, so there is a small detour on the Four Mile Run trail, Which take it just over the 7 mile mark each way.

The ride is a lot easier this year than it was last year. In fact, last year, I never made it as far as the Tidal Basin. I only made it as far as Gravelly Point which is about 1.5 miles from the Tidal Basin. I think buying a lighter…

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