Skinny Girl Recipes

This is my Skinny Girl Recipe page.  I am going to put some of my favorite recipes here.  I am really going to stress recipes that are good for bariatric patients since that is the focus of this website.

I love cooking.  Cooking as always been a passion of mine.  I like to joke that I taught myself to cook as a survival mechanism because my mother’s cooking was so horrible growing up, sorry mom.  But the truth is, she had as many successes in the kitchen as she did failures.  Many of my best recipes come from her, in fact.  Of  course, I took those recipes and added my own special flair, but they were hers nonetheless.

I love experimenting with food, trying new recipes, taking an old favorite and spicing it up a bit.  I have learned to adjust recipes according to my own food allergies.  I also have a whole host of Gluten Free recipes as my sister has Celiac Disease.

I would like to add a bit of a disclaimer upfront.  I will try to be as exact in these recipes as I can, but please know that for me, cooking is not an exact science.  I am one of those annoying cooks who adds a dash of this and a bit of that and I mix stuff until it just “looks right” whatever that means.  I don’t really even measure most of the time.  When I am thinking of writing a recipe down to share with someone, I do take notes as I am cooking so that I can give them a good recipe to follow, so I do try.  I apologize if some of my recipes seem kind of wacky.  If the measurements seem a bit much, or the spices too heavy for you, please follow the “less is more” policy and adjust to your personal tastes.

Happy Cooking!

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