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Rebooting My Diet

I have been feeling all out of sorts over the past few weeks.  I have been upset that my weight loss has really slowed down and really plateaued.  I have had a lot of emotional ups and downs.  And I have fallen off the wagon, so to speak, a couple of times.  Nothing too major, but enough that I feel I have had several setbacks.

I have decided that I just simply need to reboot my diet.  I got out the diet plan that the surgeon’s office gave me and I am going to examine the food that I have been eating to make sure it is in-line with the Dr.’s recommended diet plan.  Then, I am really going to focus on exercising.  I have been walking a lot, but not really doing anything more than that.


I still have not joined a gym, which I plan to do.  But until I actually can get in one to join, there are lots of things I can be doing.  A friend of mine suggested an app called Zero to 5K.  It is a running app.  I have no intention of running, but he suggested that I could use it to train for walking, biking, or swimming as well.  I love doing those things.  I downloaded the app today.  I will start tomorrow.

I also need to cook more.  I love cooking.  I just have not been taking the time to cook my meals consistently.  I have been eating out some and eating things I can grab quickly, like cheese.  I love cheese and I was not able to eat it for years.  But the truth is, it is very high in calories.  Maybe I should not have 2-3 meals every day.

So, tonight I am making my homemade chicken saag.  Chicken Saag is my favorite Indian dish.  I have a friend from Mumbai who helped me improve my own version of this yummy dish.  I took some to her a couple of weeks ago for lunch and she said it tastes just like authentic Indian cooking.  It should.  It’s her recipe!  I still have it simmering on the stove, but here’s a picture.  I promise to add the recipe to my skinny girl recipes tab.



There Really Is An App For That! A Cool Diet App

I have been using this App on my iPhone called My Fitness Pal.  I typed in my current weight, my height, and my goal weight and it tells me how many calories I need each day to achieve that goal.  Not only that, as I lose weight, I can update my current weight and the app will adjust my expected caloric intake appropriately.

You can enter any profile information you want; your measurements, your height, weight, goal, gender, date of birth, and activity level.  Then each day, you enter the food you eat and any exercise you do. 


I think this is a great app.  Not only does it track your calories, it gives you a nutrition breakdown as well.  You can see how much fat you are getting each day, protein, vitamins, minerals, cholesterol, sodium, and potassium.  It’s pretty cool.  It is also a social networking app.  You can connect with other friends using this app and comment on each other’s progress and offer encouraging support.

I mostly use it to make sure that I am getting at least 1200 calories per day and to track my protein intake.  I’m not so concerned with tracking every gram of fat or every calorie.  I just need to make sure that I am getting enough per the goals set forth by my surgeon.   The doctor wants me to get between 1200-1400 calories per day.  Sometimes, that is difficult to do.  My stomach just cannot handle that much food at one time, so it can be hard for me some days.

For instance today my goal is 1480 (per the app).  I already have taken in 717 calories.  I still have one more protein snack and dinner with 763 calories remaining.  My protein drink is 170 calories.  That will leave 593 calories for dinner.  I doubt I will eat 593 calories at dinner.  I plan to have spinach and chicken.  I did a quick calculation using the app and that will end my day having consumed 1099 calories with 381 calories remaining.  Then the app will yell at me that I am not getting enough calories. 

I’ll be honest though, I have been having some stomach problems today, so if I do manage to eat dinner, I will consider it a good day.  I think my tummy is still in rebellion over the hell I put it through last week.

That aside, if you are trying to lose weight, I definitely suggest this app.  They have it for iPhone, iPad, and Android, so no excuses people!  Get busy…and if you want to connect with me, my user name for this app is morgaine84.