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Surviving Winter…Sort Of

I have to admit, for winter in DC, this year has been pretty mild.  Temperatures are mostly in the 40s or 50s.  Very few days lower than that.  And no snow to speak of.  I know just north of here in Pennsylvania, they have had a lot of snow and very, very cold temps.

Normally, I love this chilly weather.  I am pretty hot-blooded.  I am always warm.  Even in winter, I rarely turn on my heat and often need a fan to keep cool.

Not this year.  This year, I am freezing.  I have the heat on in my apartment.  I am wearing layers, sweaters, thick warm socks, a fuzzy pink robe, and snuggling up on the couch under blankets.  I was visiting a friend’s house last week and I got up and put my jacket on I was so cold.  She asked me if I was leaving already and I said, “No I’m freezing,” at which point, everyone in the room started laughing.  They were like, you are always the one who is hot.  Not anymore.  I’ve actually considered buying one of those snuggly blankets with the arms in front.  Who is this person I’ve become?

I know I’ve lost 65 pounds, oh and btw..I’ve lost 65 pounds (!!!), but I remember when I weighed around 230-ish when I was younger and I was always hot then as well.  Why is it I am now cold all of the time?

I remember that I told my sister before the surgery that maybe after surgery I would stop being so hot all of the time.  I hated being hot all of the time.  I actually preferred to be cold.  People always told me it was because I could not feel the cold.  This is not true.  I could feel the cold, I just preferred it to being hot all of the time.  I still prefer being cold to being hot all of the time.  I just wish I could warm up a little bit now and then.

For now, I plan on wrapping myself up in my pink fuzzy robe and thick woolen socks with my steaming cup of decaf tea and hibernate in front of the TV under blankets until spring.

A friend of mine reposted this picture on Facebook.  It is adorable…and don’t these cats just look warm?





Heat Wave

So, here on the east coast, as in most of the country, we are suffering from a heat wave.  I hate hot weather.  Part of the problem with my weight is that I am very sensitive to hot temperatures.  Add that to the fact that my high blood pressure medicines make me extra sensitive to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, and being outside during a heatwave is very unpleasant for me.  I can handle standard heat somewhere in the mid 80s.  Much higher than that, however, I am very prone to heat stroke.  It is awful.

When the temperatures become extreme, high 90s to 100 degrees, I limit my outdoor exposure during peak heat times and keep myself barricaded in my apartment, which I keep at a nice frosty temperature.

There are a couple of problems with this plan.  With extreme temperatures there are a few other extreme problems.  Air conditioning in my building gets over loaded, violent thunderstorms knocking electricity out in much of the city, and electric companies sometimes suffer major outages caused by the extra use of resources.  Say what you will about whether or not global warming is real, or whether or not we need to invest in upgrading our aging infrastructure, the extreme weather we are experiencing is certainly a strain on the current state of our public works.  But I digress.

After the 100+ degree temperature yesterday, my area was hit with a fast moving violent thunderstorm.  High winds and a lot of lightening had me hiding in the bathroom for about 20 minutes.  My apartment has two huge windows that stretch across the entire apartment.  My windows were buckling from the wind and I was more than a little bit concerned.  In addition, the power went out in all of Arlington.  Well, nearly all.

I spent one very unpleasant evening in a very hot apartment.  By the time I opened the windows, the wind had died down to nothingness, so I did not even have the pleasure of a nice breeze.  Nor could I use my c-pap machine since I had no power.

After a very restless night, I called my brother first thing in the am.  See, living in the city and working from home, I do not own a car.  When I need one I usually rent a Zip Car or rent a car from Enterprise.  Being a travel agent, I can sometimes get discounts.  But this morning with no electricity, I had no internet.  Not to mention, my laptop was now drained of power since I used it to keep my cell phone charged.  Also, my smart phone was having trouble finding a working tower.  Searching for a Zip Car was very difficult and the Enterprise was closed.  I told my brother I had no electricity and he valiantly dropped what he was doing and came to pick me up.  I packed a bag and gathered up what else I might need.

A humorous aside, when my brother and his wife told their daughter that Auntie Colleen has no power so we’re going to pick her up, she said, “Auntie Colleen has no power?  She cannot fly?”  I love that little girl.

I spent the afternoon with them.  We went to ABC (Atlantic Bread Company) for PBJ and chips with lemonade and napkins.  Well, my niece had that, I had a chicken salad sandwich.

Another funny aside, I tried eating my chips first and my niece said, “No Auntie Colleen you cannot eat your chips.  You have to finish your sandwich first.”  I think she’s heard that a few times before.

Then I called my sister who lives about 1/2 mile from my brother and told her I had no electricity.  She prepared the guest room.

Do I not have the most awesome siblings?  I think I do.

So, I have heard that the power is back on in my apartment.  I’m glad to hear that because I was beginning to get concerned about the two bags of ice I had in my freezer that I forgot to move to the cooler before I left the house.

We shall see.

Speaking of siblings, my sister-in-law gave me permission to use this picture of her cats (who now live elsewhere).  This is Max (all grown up) and Tugger.