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Tummy Of Fire

Today has been rough.  Not one of my better days, to be sure.  When I woke up this am, I really had to go.  I thought it was going to be one of those situations where I ran to the bathroom only to sit there and be constipated.  It took a while, but I was not constipated, thank goodness.  I felt better and got ready for work.

While I was waiting for the bus, I felt as if I had to go again.  At this point, there was nothing that I could do.  So, I proceeded with my commute.  I had my work laptop with me today, which is quite heavy.  My back was killing me.  Now my tummy was on fire.  And I had a bit of a headache.  I stopped at my normal coffee place and grabbed my morning cup and proceeded to the office.

When I arrived at the office, I had to run to the ladies room.  Oh my goodness, I sick.  I did not actually vomit or anything, but I thought I might.  I didn’t think I would ever stop going, though.  And the whole time, my tummy was just burning.  It felt as if the gas was backing up into my stomach.  Finally, I started feeling better after about five minutes.  I went and got a cool glass of water and sat in my office with my head on my desk.

Now, here’s where I admit to this being all my fault because I was somewhat bad yesterday.

Yesterday my family celebrated the 4th anniversary of my niece’s adoption.  June 23 is the date the courts officially made her their child.  I met them in DC at the Smithsonian Museums and we went to see the dinosaurs and bugs at the Natural History Museum.  That’s her favorite museum.  She loves the dinos and insects.  Zero interest in the butterflies, but high interest in spiders and other bugs.  Not my favorite part of the museum, but it was her special day.  Her second favorite is the Air & Space Museum, but mostly because they have a McDonald’s.  As a result, we try not to take her to the Air & Space Museum too often.

Before they arrived, I stopped in the American History Museum and picked up a gift for her.  I bought a card that looked like a pair of ruby slippers and a small red VW Bug that was covered in flowers.  She loved them.  I knew she would love the ruby slippers because she already has a pair.  She has never really seen The Wizard of Oz, so she does not really get the whole ruby slippers thing yet.  She loves shoes and she loves the color red, so that was good enough for her.

I took a picture of the actual ruby slippers, which was super cool for me.

gabbyAnd I took a picture of Gabby Douglas’s gold medal outfit.  So cool.


I was having a lot of fun wandering around that museum.  I definitely think this is one my niece would enjoy, especially after she gets just a little bit older.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that she enjoys the natural world, bugs and all.  She really gets into learning all of the dinosaurs names.  She enjoys the dioramas when we explain to all of the details.  The one dinosaur diorama actually had dino footprints.  I pointed that out to her and she was thrilled.  It was so cute.  She also loved the fish tanks with all of the different fishes and plants.  She had fun trying to match the different fish and plants to the pictures under the tank.  And she let out a squee of delight when she got to see a tarantula eat a cricket.



We also found Nemo:


Well, a group of Clown Fish anyway.

Now onto the bad part of my day.  After the morning of museums, we went out to lunch.  We went to the Mexican restaurant in my neighborhood.  I ordered Huevos Rancheros, which is eggs, salsa, refried beans, and cheese.  That’s a pretty rich dish.  I should have just gotten fajitas or something, but I am not sure it was the Huevos that made me sick.  I think it was the tortilla chips.

I had a little bit of chips and salsa.   Then I had the Huevos Rancheros.  I could not even eat 1/4 of it.  It took a long time before I was able to eat dinner and then I had saltine pizzas, which is basically tomato sauce and a bit of cheese on a saltine that I then nuke for about 10 seconds.

I know.  I know.  You don’t have to tell me.  This morning’s wave of sickness all my fault.  Ugh.  Remind me never to do that again.

Adventures in DC



Yesterday, I was getting ready to head out and explore my world.  First, I had to buy a new headset for my iPhone.  I fell in walking home a few weeks ago and smashed my other headset.  Thanks to the new iPhone cover my sister bought me, the iPhone survived the fall, but the headset did not.  Could have been worse, definitely.  Then I was going to head out to a different coffee shop, one I have not been to in a while, to try to write a bit.  I wanted to finish up an essay for a contest and the early deadline is Monday.

I was walking out the door when my cell phone rings.  My brother called me and put my niece on the phone.  She informed me that after lunch, they were coming to Auntie Colleen’s house.  Oh really?  I’m glad she called me before I was too involved in my own plans.  Obviously, this required me to rethink my entire day and reschedule everything, which I was more than happy to do.  When the five-year old requests an audience, you don’t ask questions, you simply adjust.  It’s kind of like getting a summons from the Queen.  I talked to my brother for a few minutes and decided I had enough time to go get my new ear-pods and get back home before they arrived.

When they showed up, it was clear that they had no plans.  I saw an open-air street flea market of some kind in at Court House near Clarendon and suggested that.  There is also a pretty large park nearby and I offered that up as well.  We ended up going to Busboys & Poets to get fries to feed the child and then trekked into the city, and by trekked, I mean we drove, found parking and walked to the museums in DC.

I love that I can do this.  Just six months ago, walking all over the Mall and wandering in museum after museum would have been at best an extremely painful and difficult venture bordering on impossible.  Now I can walk around for hours, which we did, with no struggle.  I almost want to cry from sheer joy every time I venture out on one of these excursions.

My brother and I had a short conversation about this.  He said that he and his wife used to struggle to find excursions that they could do with me that I would be able to do.  Usually, dinner out, movies, sitting at home and talking, etc were safe activities.  Going to fairs, festivals, The Mall, etc were out of the question.  Now he says they don’t even think about it.  They just call me and make plans.  I love hearing this.

But I digress…

My niece always loves going to see the dinosaurs, she cannot get enough of them, actually.  We went to the Natural History Museum.  Then there was bird chasing and kite watching on The Mall and then the American Indian Museum, which is really cool.  I had never been there before.  Unfortunately,  we arrived there about 30 minutes before it closed, so we did not get to see much of it, so we will definitely be heading back there.

Then we went to “Old McDonald’s” for chicken nuggets.  I’m horrified that my brother feeds her MCD nuggets, but it’s something she can eat and she loves them.  She has food allergies, so their choices when eating out are limited.  Plus, she is fussy, as most kids her age are. So, I keep my opinions on MCD to myself and just let it go.  She does not have a weight problem, which is good.  She’s always been very thin, even as a baby.  She eats all the time too, and she has no problem asking for food when she’s hungry.  In fact, she was so hungry by the time we got to MCD that she was literally singing a chicken nugget song she made up.

That little girl is something else.  I am just  so glad that I can go out on these adventures with her when she leaves the confines of the DC exurbs and ventures into the city with her dad.  Maybe this summer we will make it down to the American Folklife Festival with her.