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Gym Update, Etc.

A couple of posts and maybe two weeks ago I blogged that I joined a gym.  Gold’s Gym, in fact.  I just wanted to give a quick update as to how that is going.

I finally met with my personal trainer this week.  OMG, it was brutal.  She has me working with free weights and I have an entire circuit of exercises that I have to do.  She asked me what areas I wanted to work on the most.  I told her my arms, stomach, and inner thighs.  So, I am doing exercises just for that.  I then went straight from the circuit workout to a Bodyflow class.   My inner thighs were screaming at me by the end of the Bodyflow class, but it was good.

Now here are my litany or excuses as to why I have not been to the gym more often.  Last weekend I went to Pittsburgh to help my mom.  Wednesday’s and every other Thursdays I have writer’s groups meetings, which I had both this week.  I did take Wednesday off and left work early on Thursday, so theoretically I could have gone to the gym.  Wednesday, I was sick all day before writer’s group and Thursday I was trying to catch up on sleep.  Normally, on Fridays I go to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden.  I did that last Friday before going to Pittsburgh.  And Monday, well, I was just plain lazy.

I need to get better at this if I really want to lose these last 53 pounds and whip my butt into shape.  I don’t know if I am going to do Jazz in the Garden tonight, especially since I will have my work computer in tow.  I haven’t heard from my friends who do the jazz, so I am still apt to change my mind.

My goal is to try to get to the gym tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday at the very least.  I need to also go on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Wednesday, is writer’s group.  Thursday should be back to the gym.  And that’s all the further I will commit to for now.  I don’t want to make too many promises too far into the future.  I’m taking it one week at a time.

Also potential weekend agenda items:

  • Visit with my sister.
  • Visit with my brother and his wife and daughter.  (may be combined with sister visit…my sis-in-law’s birthday is coming up…shhh)
  • Writing – I have two essays I want to finish and I need to work on my novel.
  • Create new web platform for blogs – I am going to stay with WordPress, but I might be creating a static web page where I can put links to both of my blogs, my Twitter account, my Facebook pages, and my bio just to have a centralized platform…more on that later.

Wish me luck with my commitment to working out almost every day this next week!  Have a great weekend everyone!


I went back to the gym today after a two day hiatus.  Thursday, I had my second writer’s group and last night, well, let’s just say that I was lazy.

So, I got up this am and had my coffee, my breakfast, and a protein snack.  I took my vitamins and I felt prepared to work my butt off.  Or so I thought.

I wanted to do one of the exercise classes today.  I thought maybe there was a Zumba class, but there was not.  I arrived and they were in the middle of the Bodypump class.  I don’t think I’m quite ready for that one just yet only having just started back to the gym this week.  So, I decided to wait until that one was over and do the Bodyflow class.

I did 15 minutes cardio on the bike to warm myself up and get ready.  Then I made my way into the class.  Bodyflow is part yoga, part Tai Chi, and part, what the %^$* was I thinking!  Holy crap.

Now, I have taken yoga classes before.  It’s been a number of years, but I have some knowledge of the different poses.  I have never done Tai Chi though.  I didn’t think it looked hard, so I thought I could handle it.  To say this class was a lot harder than I thought it would be is an understatement.

The instructor moved quickly through the different poses and exercises.  I could barely keep up sometimes.  Plus, I’m not as balanced as I once was.  Granted, a lot more balanced than I was when I weighed 117 pounds more than I do now, but still.  The whole, downward facing dog pose combined with the whole, now bend your knees and take your right hand and reach back and grab your left foot, thing, let’s just say, didn’t happen.

Downward facing dog was hard enough.  I was actually quite pleased that I could get myself into that position.  Let’s face it, it’s not easy for a middle-aged out of shape grown woman who is still 56 pounds overweight to get into many positions.  But reach back and grab my feet?  No.  I could barely maintain my balance as it was.  I just stayed there in my pose, precariously maintaining my balance and watched the instructor.

She looked around the room, her eyes stopping on me, and I just shook my head.  Not gonna happen hon.  She smiled and continued with her crazy routine.

There was one other moment when we did some sun-warrior pose, which consisted of standing on one leg, extending the other leg behind while reaching forward with arms.  And then!  Bending forward so that our bodies were perpendicular to the leg we were standing on.  I tried this one.  Really I did.  Fortunately, I did not fall on my face, but I am clearly not ready for this pose yet. I stumbled forward a bit and turned to look at other people in the class.  There was a woman behind me standing with her hands on her hips with an absolutely incredulous look on her face.  We both just laughed and shook our heads.

It was a pretty tough class all around, but I’m glad I did it.  I now know my limits as far as my strength and coordination.  I talked to the instructor of the Bodypump class and she thinks I should give it a try despite the fact that I feel woefully less than ready.   Maybe I will.  But I think I will do the regular yoga class tomorrow.  I may wait a week before I try anything as tough as the Bodypump class.

Needless to say, the end of the class, the relaxation and meditation, was my favorite part.  After such a tough workout, I definitely needed to release that tension.

The class was tough, but I am not deterred.  I will try it again.  I will start with the regular yoga class to build up my ability to do some of those poses.  Plus I will keep the cardio workouts up.  Just because it is difficult does not mean I do not want to do it.  I am determined to get myself back into shape.  I will never be as limber as I was when I was a teenager or in my early 20s, but I really want to get into much better shape than I am right now.  I never want to go back to where I was before.

Wish me luck.


At Last!


I have only been on the weight loss kick since October, and now, 117 pounds and 8 months later (well OK, one year and eight months if you count the pre-surgery work I did), I finally joined a gym.

I joined Gold’s Gym in Arlington last night and then did a 30 minute workout on the bike.  I have an appointment for “orientation” tomorrow, which I have to reschedule because I forgot I have my second writer’s group tomorrow.  But then after that, I’m pretty much on my own.

There are many gyms in this area and I went with Gold’s Gym for a number of reasons.  One of them is that my whole family belongs to that gym.  My step-niece works at one of them in her area and we all get a “family” discount.  Well, they did at least.  The gym she works at is a franchise, so they all get the discount at the franchises that owner owns.  The ones in my area are owned by corporate, so I don’t really get the discount.  That said, however, I can get guest passes to go to the gym in that area so that my sister and I can work out together when I go hang out at her place, which I do pretty often.  Plus I have the benefit of being able to go to any corporate owned Gold’s Gym.

Granted, it’s a little more expensive than some of the other gyms in this area, but I do get the benefit of being able to take Yoga and Zumba classes.  Not too sure what a Zumba is exactly, but I guess I’ll find out.  Plus! I do not have a contract.  I can cancel at any time.  Much better deal than Bally’s (which is now LA Fitness, apparently).

Now my posts will probably include a great deal of whining and complaining about sore muscles.  Hopefully, this will make that last 56 pounds easier to lose and help me strengthen and tone my poor abused body.  I did so much damage to it by being morbidly obese for so long, I sometimes wonder if it will ever recover.

Wish me luck!