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Kissing Frogs – Mid-Life Dating Pt 2

kissing-frogsSo, I have been continuing on my dating project over the past few weeks.  I joined another dating site called OKCupid.  Unlike the first site I joined, I have met a lot of guys on OKCupid.  Let me give you a breakdown of the main contenders.

The Dude from India – AKA The Boring Nice Guy

This guy is really nice.  He’s my age.  We talked and got along well.  He asked me out again, but I have not heard from him.  In his defense, I did tell him I was going to be busy last weekend.  Still, it’s up in the air whether we will go out again.  He was kind of the boring nice guy.  I don’t mind boring nice guys. There is something comforting about being with one.  Maybe not terribly exciting, but nice.  He is smart.  A little funny.  Stable. And sweet.  I like that.

The Older Guy I Am Unsure About – AKA The Good Kisser

I have to admit, when I first saw him, I thought “Oh no way is this happening!”  I knew he was 7 years older than me, which is not too bad.  Still, he looked older than that.  And when he opened his mouth and started talking I was like, “Definitely not!” He has a horrible southern drawl.  Now, I am from north of the Mason-Dixon line originally, and we northerners generally do not consider the southern drawl an attractive feature.  I don’t think it’s quaint and I don’t wax poetic over the use of the word “y’all”.  (In my defense, I also hate it when Pittsburghers use the word “yinz” or Garden Staters and New Yorkers say “yous”.)  So when he started talking, I started looking at my watch.

The thing is, I stayed.  I did really want to talk to him.  On his profile, he said he used to weigh 345 pounds, but lost a lot of weight.  He’s not overweight now.  Of course, I was curious and had to know why.  So, when he asked me why I was interested in him, I told him.  Then I told him about my weight loss and the gastric by-pass surgery.  Then he fessed up, he had the surgery too!  We had a lot to talk about.  It was fun.  He’s a really nice and very funny guy.  And after a while, I stopped hearing his southern accent and ignored the fact that he looked older than he claimed.

At the end of the date he kissed me, and bam! I was hooked.  He’s a pretty darn good kisser, I have to admit.  I have seen him a couple of times since and there has been quite a lot of kissing.

Then last night it happened.  We were talking politics and it was clear we disagreed.  Then he said to me, “I told you I’m a Tea Partier, right?”

Thunk! (sound of forehead hitting table) Um no, dude you totally left that part out!  I was pretty clear on my profile that I am a liberal.  WTF!  I’ll admit, I’m a bit to the left of most people in France, even.  Still, I can handle someone with a different opinion.  I think it’s fun to actually have a heated, intellectual debate.  But those Tea Party loons generally live in a fact-free world!  Now he claims to be an “original” Tea Party person, whatever the heck that is.  He does not like the extremists like Michelle Bachman and people like her.  He claims they co-opted the movement.  That’s something I guess. But still, not sure I can handle this.  If he wasn’t such a darn good kisser, it would be easy to walk away.

The Face – AKA The Bad Kisser

I also went out with this extremely good-looking guy.  OMG was he cute.  As soon as he walked into Starbucks, I thought, “This guy is brutally cute, no way is he going to be into me.”  The date started with coffee.  Then we walked over to the mall and walked around for a bit and talked.  We even sat in the food court and talked for a bit.  Then he asked me to dinner.  We were having fun.  The conversation was good.  He was smart.  He was funny.  I thought, huh maybe.  After dinner, he walked me to my car and the kissing began.  (I know, I feel like I’m cheating on the other guy, but I haven’t committed to anyone.  And it’s just kissing, after all.)

OH EM GEE he was a horrible kisser!  I was like wow, don’t the beautiful people feel that they have to try at all?  Do they think a pretty face is enough? Then he wanted me to take him home.  No.  Not happening sir.  One, not on the first date.  We have to go out a while before I cross that line.  Two, you are such a horrible kisser that there’s no way I am worked up enough to have a lapse in judgement that grave.  Not happening.

The Mystery Guy – AKA The Texter

This guy wants to “get to know me” before meeting me.  We have been emailing and texting for several days now.  Maybe a week even.  He said he did try to call me once, but the calls kept going to my voicemail.  He called me on Monday.  After a weekend of dating and mad kissing, I was tired.  I went to sleep very early that night, so of course his calls went to voicemail.  I was unconscious and unable to answer the phone.

I like this guy so far.  According to his pics online, he’s pretty handsome.  He’s smart.  He is funny.  I like all of those things.  He does have a teenage daughter, which can be a bit of a mixed bag, I admit.  That’s part of the reason we have not met, I think.  He’s made it clear she is a priority in his life, as she should be, and he wants any woman he gets involved with to be a good person who understands that.

I think we are going to try to have an actual phone conversation before any decision is made about meeting face to face.  Then we shall go from there.

These are all of the guys I’ve met so far.  It’s still early on in the dating game, so I don’t think I’m ready to commit to any one person yet.  A few other guys on the site have contacted me.  Some I will meet.  Some I will not.  Still, I feel like I am kissing a bunch of frogs looking for that handsome prince. Heck, at this point, I’ll take an average looking guy who is smart, funny, left-of-center, wild about me, and most importantly, a good kisser who makes me go week at the knees.  Surely, he’s out there somewhere.