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Food Addicts R US

Normally, I am not a fan of the show Morning Joe.  I think he’s kind of a jerk and I’m not a fan.  I do watch it some mornings as I get ready for work because there is rarely anything else on that is any good.  I like some of the people he has on his show and I am starting to really like Mika Brzezinski.

This week, however, I am totally glued to MJ as Mika has just come out with a new book:  Obsessed: America’s Food Addiction – And My Own.


Mika co-wrote this book with a friend of hers.  I have not read the book yet, but I am putting it on my wish-list!  She and her friend have been discussing very honestly about their different addictions with food and the effect body image, food addiction, and eating disorders have had on their lives.  Mika has talked about her bulimia and her friend was obese.  Her friend has lost 75 pounds and Mika has gained about 14.

For the record, they are both beautiful women who need to change nothing.

Part of what motiviated yesterdays post about my own food addiction, apart from my mini meltdown on Sunday, was listening to Mika talk about her own addiction.  She tells, and retells a story about how one night, she woke up and began eating an entire jar of Nutella. Her husband found her in the kitchen when he woke up with an empty jar and her hands covered in Nutella.  Although I’ve never eaten and entire jar of the stuff myself, I completely understand and can identify with the feelings that compelled her to do this.  I have certainly found myself in the kitchen gorging myself on whatever it whatever it took for me to satisfy that urge.  Watching her on TV was like looking in a mirror, but a mirror where I am 5’10”, blonde, and totally hot.

I love the conversation she’s had about the shame of having an eating disorder.  I can totally relate.  And she talked about how she felt as if she had no right to come out about her own eating problems and her opinions about food and weight because she is thin and not fat.  Which, I can kind of understand what she means.  I have often listened to skinny girls who complained about their weight and thought, “yeah right, what do you know about being fat.”  But what I have come to realize is that it’s not the fat that’s the problem.  Whether one is fat or thin is immaterial, it is our own self-image that is messed up…that’s the real issue.

She has also talked a lot about how foods are designed to be addictive.  She had the author of another book that I am adding to my wish-list, Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us.


Michael Moss specifically talks about how the food companies spend a ton of money to make sure that we crave their foods.  It is easy to see how we have a huge obesity problem here in the US if the food we eat is made to be addictive.

It’s this combination of a destructive obsession with body image, fat, and self loathing and addictive foods that really seems to be at the heart of the problem.  When 2 out of three Americans are obese or have some kind of eating disorder, we have a problem.  People like Mika and her friend talking about their issues, is how we start to address it.

I cannot wait to read these books and I’m really looking forward to see what Mika has in store for tomorrow’s show!



I had to share this video.  It features two of my favorite things.  Cookies Monster and his favorite food group and mine, cookies.

I love cookies.  All kinds of cookies.  If I had a choice between cake and cookies, cookies would win out every single time.  I will miss cookies after the surgery.  Apparently, sugary foods can be problematic after gastric bypass.  Oh well.  I’ve had ample cookies in my life.  Obviously.  So, I will simply have to enjoy Cookie chowing down.

Super Sizes Revoked

In NYC if Mayor Bloomberg gets his way.  He wants to pass a law banning all sale of sugary drinks larger than 160z.

I have mixed feelings about this.  Yes, soda and sugary drinks have greatly added to the growing obesity problem in our country.  Something needs to give. Encouraging Americans to reduce or eliminate sugary drinks from their diet would go a long way into fixing this public health problem.

I am not certain this law will have any affect on consumption of these drinks.  There are things that he can try to do that might be more effective.  Outlaw the sale of sodas and sugary drinks in New York Public Schools.  Invest in a healthier school lunch program.  Work with the state and federal government to ban the use of high fructose corn syrup.  I could go on.

I gave up drinking soda on a regular basis in 1992.  At that time, I had given up on full sugar sodas long before then and was a Diet Coke girl.  I was always trying to lose weight you see, so diet seemed the logical choice.  But the fake sweetener in my good ole DC was making me sick all of the time.  There were many stories coming out of the bad effects of aspertame.  I recognized that I was suffering some of those ill effects.  So, I stopped drinking soda altogether.

Around 2000 I did start drinking some sodas again, but the return was short-lived.  Occasionally, I might have a bit of cream soda or Dr. Pepper.  They were always my favorites, but it is very, very rare.  Maybe once or twice a year.  My favorite pizza place in Arlington, VA, (they use a vegan cheese pizza which is pretty good), sells fountain sodas that are made with sugar and not corn syrup.  Sometimes when I go there, I have a cream soda.  That’s my dessert, especially since most of their desserts are made with cream or cheese or ice cream.

My main sources of liquid refreshment are water, coffee, and sometimes tea.  Oh and let’s not forget the occasional glass of wine.    I find that sweetened drinks do not quench my thirst.  Only water does.  Coffee is my drug of choice.  Tea is a nice treat.  It is nice to curl up with a mug of steaming hot tea and a good book on a cold rainy day.  I do not use sugar in either my coffee or my tea.

Sugary drinks have not been my problem for a very long time.  I have many other weaknesses, for sure, but soda is not one of them.

I do appreciate Mayor Bloomberg’s desire to take a drastic step to address the public health problem the over indulgence of soda and sugar are having on his city.  I just think there are smarter, less draconian ways to do it.